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WV4MOM Code of Ethics

We believe in non-violent and non-coercive behavior, acts and words.  We do not condone or support violence or coercion either in behavior or words.   Neither do we condone or support incitement to violence and coercion.

We believe in supporting our beliefs with knowledge, accurate information, facts and the voice of personal experience if described as such.  We do not believe in misrepresenting facts or spreading information that is inaccurate and fallacious or making false accusations.

We believe in operating within and following the laws of West Virginia and the United States as so stated in their constitutions.  We do not believe in operating outside the law of our land.

We believe in following a democratic process, respecting and listening to the voices and opinions of others.  We believe in dialogue and participation.  We will respectfully listen to others, even those with whom we do not agree.  We do not believe in a non-participatory form of leadership where decisions that affect many are made without consent.

We believe in respect for all living things.  We believe every person and all beings should be treated with respect and dignity.  We will consider the consequences of our actions and speech upon others.  As humans we are the stewards of the earth and its resources.

We believe that all living things possess the right to clean air and safe drinking water. We dedicate ourselves to protecting these rights.  We do not believe that only a few should own our resources, control and have access to resources and exclude others from these resources.  Environmental rights are also human and animal rights. 

We believe that a community built upon open communication and shared resources is a healthy community.