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May 5 - Bethany Walking Awareness Tour and Fundraiser

See what’s happening with “fracking” around Bethany College in Bethany, WV!

Attached is a flyer inviting you to a walking tour in Bethany on May 5th, 2012 beginning at 11AM.  The walk will include the Bethany College campus, a hydrofracking well pad and a potluck at the community park.

Objective:  Help raise public awareness and bring regional and national attention to the environmental, health and cultural impacts of hydrofracking in West Virginia.

Venue:  Bethany is a small community of 250 people that is home to Bethany College, a small liberal arts college now in it 172nd year.

Current status:  Many of the folks in Bethany, including the President and Board of Trustees of Bethany College, support hydrofracturing and have leased mineral rights to Chesapeake Energy.  Many now realize that they were ill informed and, in some cases, mislead to the potential hazards associated with horizontal drilling and hydrofracking and seek information how best to protect themselves from health effects and loss of quality of life.  We hope to bring media attention to this event and hope that President Scott Miller and the Board of Trustees of Bethany College support our efforts to help protect students, faculty and the people of Bethany from the adverse environmental and health effects that are likely to result from fracking-associated activities.

Fundraising:  This is to be a fund-raising effort as well.  All proceeds will be used for the purchase of conductivity pens that will be distributed to students, farmers or town people who will commit to doing regular sample analyses from local springs, wells and creeks.  The data they collect will be compiled into a central data base that will essentially characterize the electrical conductivity of surface and groundwater throughout the region. Rapid changes in conductivity (salinity) will be the first indication of impacts from drilling, drill muds, fracking or waste disposal. Walk organizer Yuri Gorby says: “I already have $500 dollars donated for this purpose.  I want to raise $5,000 more by the time of the Walk.”  

He added, “if we are lucky enough to exceed our fundraising goal, additional funds will be used to offset the cost of critical sample analyses by certified labs for water and air quality.  Such data are needed to establish conditions prior to and following drilling, trucking and hydrofracking”.  

For questions, comments or suggestions send emails to Yuri Gorby at

RSVPs would be helpful to gauge how many people to expect.